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Save time, money and your sanity with my all new Confident Kitchen Meal Plans. Every weekly meal plan includes recipes for 4 fresh & easy dinners featuring a delicious main dish and well-paired side. There’s also a customized, printable grocery list.

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Welcome to Confident Kitchen

Ever feel like you're constantly trying new recipes and getting frustrated because they don't work out or your family just doesn't like them? Our Confident Kitchen meal plans are the solution! Our meal plans provide all of the flexibility and seasonings to create mouth-watering dinners that will save time, money, and YES, sanity.

Save Time

In about 15 minutes each week, you can plan your meals AND shop all the ingredients online. If you prefer to shop your local grocer or farmers’ market, print the list and GO!

Save Money

Each meal plan includes recipes for FOUR accessible and comforting restaurant style dinners designed for the home cook; featuring a main dish and a well-paired side. No more takeout!

Save Your Sanity

Each meal plan comes with a customized and printable grocery list.

What's Included In The Meal Plans

We keep things interesting and constantly mix it up, so you never get bored. Every month, you will be introduced to global yet accessible cuisine. To make it even easier to get dinner on the table – at least one recipe per month will be a modern interpretation of a classic casserole and at least 4 recipes will utilize either a slow cooker or an Multicooker.

We Are Easy To Use And Custom

Confident Kitchen's Meal Plans are made with the eater in mind. Our meal plans can be easily customized to accommodate your preferences and create meals that fit you.,

  • 4 Red Meat Based Meals
  • 4 Poultry Based Meals
  • 4 Pork Based Meals
  • 4 Meatless Monday Based Meals

Confident Kitchen's meal plan options include a variety of ready meals for any occasion. Whether you're exhausted after a long week and need to cook something time-saving or looking for an easy, tasty weekend breakfast option, our meal plans have got you covered.


Meet Confident Kitchen

Our Meal Planning Team

More About CHEFBear

Repeat after me, “Yes, I can cook. Yes, I can have a delicious, fresh meal on the table with minimal time, planning, and stress.”

Stressfree Cooking

I love to help busy people find joy and comfort in their own kitchens. I am here to help you learn how to plan, prep and cook your favorite dishes in less time than you ever thought possible, with no stress or worries that you will mess something up.

Huge & Bold Flavors

My food philosophy is simple; food should be a feast of all five sense. Meals should be based on simple, tasty, smart recipes. I use fresh and seasonal ingredients. I naturally gravitate towards to BIG flavors.

Your Personal Kitchen Coach

I support you every step of the way. Trust me, cooking isn’t as difficult as you might think. No more frozen food or bland take out. With just a bit of planning, a small amount of prep work, and a positive attitude, you can become the master of mealtime!


Start Saving Time & Money Today

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$9.95/Per month
  • Four Meals Per Week
  • Customized Weekly Grocery List
  • Exclusive Recipes & Cooking Videos
  • Email Support
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$12.95/Per month
  • Four Meals Per Week
  • 2 Bonus Meals Per Week
  • Customized Weekly Grocery List
  • Exclusive Recipes & Cooking Videos
  • Email Support
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$15.95/Per month
  • Four Meals Per Week
  • 4 Bonus Meals Per Week
  • Customized Weekly Grocery List
  • Exclusive Recipes & Cooking Videos
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Monthly Live Zoom Question And Answer Session
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Frequently Asked Questions

Every Friday (around noon your time) you will get an email from us that will include a link to the next week's meal plan. Once you go to the website, you can configure your meal plans, and download/save your meal plan and print off your grocery list (or shop via Amazon Fresh if that is your jam).
Please reach out using the easy tools in your member portal and I will assist you. Yes, I answer all the email and support requests personally. When you reach out you are chatting directly with CHEFBear.
In general our recipes make 4 generous, I like to say bear sized, servings. There often will be enough leftovers for lunch the next day.
Excellent Question! My research shows that between leftovers, sport games and social events, very few of us have time to cook a meal at home 7 nights per week. 4 meals seem to be the sweet spot - but with the bonus meal options you can get up to 4 extra meals per week.
Once your subscription has expired you will no longer have access to the website or the past meal plans. Every meal plan can be easily printed off or saved as a PDF, but that is your responsibility to save them off. But, why worry - once you join Confident Kitchen you will never want to let your membership expire.

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